Is it possible to get into my headset... kinda


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So the thing is that I have a usb headset which wasnt cheap, I got a new laptop now and I cant install its software or drivers (it should happen automaticaly when the usb is plugged in but it fails) and I have no idea why, so what I'm asking is is there a way to open the headset like a regular flash?

We need the make/model of headset, the make/model of laptop and what OS it's running.


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Well according to the logitech website...there is no driver/software to install.

Does the headset not work at all?

I have the H390 that I use for my laptop, also USB, when I plug it in I see no driver installing...just plug n play. I just tried them on my driver install...just the sound that it makes when a usb device is attached.

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