Windows 10 Is It Safe?

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Help and Support' started by Roger Rodd, Jul 10, 2016.

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    Cheers Everyone,
    I have been stuck at a decision and need someones help. I have 2 Computers. one is an old desktop and one is the new laptop (2015 model inspiron). When the windows 10 Advertisement released, I want to try it so I Installed it on my old PC. It took 3 GB and then asked for a product key. It was like What the Crap are you sayin? Windows was advertising that it was free to upgrade. I thought that it could be any glitch and tried again and again for 4-5 times. all the times, it asked product key to access. finally a friend of mine who is a tech guy gave me a key after paying few bucks.

    Now another problem raised that when i was about to start the pc, there comes the Blue Screen Of Death saying that my pc is a marathon runner and slammed into some problem. It restarted, Restarted, Restarted again and again. finally somehow i made my way out. Then it started to restart in middle of some work once again saying it ran into some problem. and after few weeks, My vigorous tries helped me and finally got of to my new looking PC.

    Now, I saw the advertisement once again that it is till 29 July only. It is making me sleepless. but i couldnt help myself that i am in my research work which could be affected if same problem comes with the inspiron. I have 2 doubts.

    1. Can anyone warrant that it will not once again ask for Product key or BSOD problem if i install it on my laptop?
    2. if i download the ISO of windows 10 from any third party website and install it after 30 july, is it okay?
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    The requirements for the free upgrade are that one must be running either Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1, both fully updated, genuine and activated.
    You must first upgrade from either one of the above operating systems. Performing a clean install won't work it has to be an upgrade install.

    You shouldn't be asked for a key but if you are simply use the activation key which came with either os. If that fails to work then contact Microsoft.

    If you mean can you still upgrade for free then the answer is no. The free upgrade offer ends 29th July so you best be quick!

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