Is my battery dying?


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My laptop shuts down when the battery charge is above 40%. Is the battery dying? Here are some details about the battery from the app "batterycare":

-current battery capacity: 100%

-battery remaining time: 3h58minutes

-battery status: full charge

-discharge cycle progress: 7/30

-Designed capacity: 48840 mWh

-Total capacity: 41925 mWh

-current capacity: 41925 mWh

-charge/discharge rate: +2.3 W

-Tension (voltage): 10491 mV

-wear level: 14.16%

-total discharge cycles: 7


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The most common reason a system will power off besides a lack of power would be overheating. I would run a tool like speed fan to track your system temperatures. If they are getting to high CPU >90C


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try setting your power options.also check advanced power options .as previously mentioned if it is over heating you might try cleaning your might have a lot of fuzz in it .