Windows 10 Is there an inherent problem in Windows 10 basic typing?


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When using the on-screen keyboard, if I type a capital letter immediately after an opening quotation mark, it screws up the computer so badly that I have to trick the computer into allowing me to save my work, and then reboot the computer. It appears to be a windows 10 problem because it has happened on my last 3 windows 10 computers. The only other possibility I can think of is it happens most when I am posting on Quora. Is anyone here familiar with this problem, and is there a solution?
i don't use Quora but i do use the touch keyboard a fair bit and have never had the issue of a lock up

if you make quote links here in this forum does the same issue pop up?
I'll give it a try "This" ought to be good enough. Well what do you know it's a Quora problem. "I guess i'll start writing my Quora "Posts" in a note pad and paste them into Quora. Thanks "For" "The" "Help" ussnorway:)