Is this a Windows, Youtube, or Flash issue?

When I play a Youtube vid, a red banner at the top of the window says I need to install Flash. Then the video plays anyways....

I have the latest Adobe Flash installed. I have active scripting enabled. I have Java. Anyone have an idea?
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Uninstall Flash and Java, I would recommend Revo Uninstaller, get rid of registry markings too. Preferably reboot.

Then reinstall from Adobe page - not a file from your computer, and from Java page, install the latest ones.

Most likely this should do it. ActiveX is known to cause many problems, a lot of people hate it. It can be disabled, worth a try if problems persist.

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Hmm. I did exactly as you said and suggested, minus the disabling ActiveX, and the behavior is the same.


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Try disabling ActiveX. You can get it back anytime. No harm will be done.

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