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yesterday my computer got updated without me noticing, I didn't shut it down for a night just put it to sleep. After waking it up some issues occurred:
  1. Firstly I couldn't adjust my screen brightness nor in menus, nor with keyboard (fixed after a restart).
  2. Computer was dead slow, settings menus took ages to open, some of them didn't open at all.
  3. Many default programs for file extensions were changed (.pdf, .mp3, .mov, etc.)
Restarted my computer:

  1. The system boot now takes OVER 4 MINUTES!! Used to be ~1 minute mark.
  2. Some settings in some applications were set to default values (e.g. Open Broadcaster Software).
  3. When OS boots, I get this error message
Asus A45V.

Please help me to get my computer working properly again. Will provide any other useful info.

Thank You.


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Please tell us what computer you have and if you build it yourself the system parts

In the mean time, you may want to go back to your previous version
or - if it passed the compatibility test - re-install W10: see above under Resources the W10 32/64 ISO downloads
or try to repair this version, more help in: Error: "C:\windows\system32\eed_ec.dll missing" after installing the Samsung Printer on the computer.


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The fact your system took a minute to boot prior to the upgrade suggests something was already causing problems.

Otherwise, I can only suggest you watch your system. Check the Event Viewer to see if errors or warnings are being created. Leave Task Manager open and see if anything is taking large amounts of processor time, disk activity or Network access...

How long has the system run since you completed the upgrade? Could it still be transferring files and finalizing your system.


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I concur with @bochane. We need your system specifications. Speccy - System Information - Free Download

Indications state this is an incompatibility with a Samsung printer driver. Remove this driver temporarily using Device Manager at:

Start -> Search -> devmgmt.msc

The boot time taking over 4 minutes... you would want to look in Event Viewer

  • Ex: Start -> Search -> Event Viewer -> Windows logs
  • Check Application and System
  • Look for a persistent number of red flags and errors during the boot up process.
  • This analysis will require looking for the time you rebooted the computer compared to the time now.
This could be as simple as an incompatible service and/or driver slowing down the system from starting.

Best recommendations:

  • Please post system specifications for follow-up, or at the very least, manufacturer and model number of our computer (if not custom built).
  • Check for filesystem corruption with a System File Integrity Check (sfc /scannow): Compute in Confidence with Windows System File Integrity Checker
  • Run chkdsk: Repair and Fix Hard Drive and Disk Errors
  • Removing unused programs (applications you no longer regularly use, or seldom use and can easily reinstall)
  • Update frequently used programs if they are out of date. This is especially important if you know it uses a lot of resources.
  • Uninstall and update device drivers, using Device Manager, by obtaining them from the manufacturer's website.

Thank you for such fast response.

Comp specifications:
Asus A45V
OS - Windows 10 Home 64-bit
CPU - Intel Core i5 3210M @ 2.50GHz
RAM - 8 GB
Graphics - Intel HD Graphics 4000. 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M.

The fact your system took a minute to boot prior to the upgrade suggests something was already causing problems.
I was not very clear maybe. The time I stated is when computer becomes fully functional (as an ending mark I took Skype automatic login on start-up). Or is it still considered as too slow?

How long has the system run since you completed the upgrade?
for about 14 hours.

Check for filesystem corruption with a System File Integrity Check (sfc /scannow)
Done. It says the system found corrupt files and repaired them.

Done. No problems found.

Uninstalled all Samsung drivers and apps.

The computer has now been running for 9 hours. In Event Viewer > Windows Logs > System tab half of events are errors (1,1k total events). Most of errors IDs are 7001, some 10016 and one or two errors are other IDs (16392, 7024, 10010, 22, 7023, etc.)

Rebooting now.

Edit: after reboot it still takes ages to startup and the error still pops up (though that error isn't the main issue I think).

Oh I noticed something else. All the printers that were installed (3 or 4 of them) are all gone from the printers list... That's frustrating, I imagine there might even be more stuff missing that I didn't find yet...

The number of errors in Event Viewer hasn't changed.

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If you want, we can start going through the errors to see if something pops out.

Open Event Viewer and go to the Windows logs section. If you look, you might see a red dot or yellow triangle on the logs with errors and warnings. You can right click each of those logs and select Save All Events As and .evtx file. When you are done, zip them and attach in the forum.

To make for smaller files, you could right click and select to clear the logs first and then wait some number of hours until the errors show up again, up to you. Sometimes, but not always, the error messages are plain enough where you can see what is involved in the errors and perhaps help lead to a solution. If the errors happen at specific times, such as related to a reboot or wake from sleep, make note of such.

If you think the Broadcaster software might be responsible, can you disable it for testing?

Sure. I made a file of some errors and warnings.

I don't think Broadcaster software might be responsible, it's just one of the applications that's settings were reset. My mouse settings were also reset. Either way it's not running in background and doesn't start when Windows start. But I will disable it for testing. Will clear now all the logs.


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I see all sorts of errors and warnings for several areas. Many include comments such "did not respond in time alloted" or "failed to start in the required time."

I believe the best suggestion I can make is for you to return to Windows 8.1 where you have some support.

It was all good with Win10 and the update happened...

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