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Just to add to this, regarding Search; yes, one can go through Charms & using his example begin typing N-O... once you then click on Notepad, it appears back on Desktop. But, it is, also, not necessary or the only way, to go via Charms... WinQ (all Applications), WinW (Settings) & WinF (Files) OR, also, hit the Start button OR WinKey and begin typing anywhere, N-O & again, hit Notepad & it opens back on Desktop... carry on w/ whatever you were doing.

The writer of the article has been using Win8 for 2 months. I have been using it for 7 months and I will definitely vouch for what he says; there, absolutely is no suffering from the lack of the old start menu or button. And, yes, one can access things quicker & more directly w/ Windows8... and, btw, this is w/out using the Start screen (except, maybe, for the occasional Search) or any 3rd Party add-ins or retro-fits... they are not needed, @ all. And I will, still, fully support what he says, even though my usage is on a NON-TOUCH PC. The 'flow' of navigating, is, still, indeed, smooth, quick & easy, even w/ a mouse.

As I have previously said, it is wrong telling people there is a problem due to a lack of start button/menu. Would be better, more helpful & appropriate to tell them how to use what IS Windows8 which, (actually) has a Start button & no need for (going through) the old start menu.

Removing Start for Windows 8 was the right thing to do | ZDNet



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Yet another Start menu thread! It all comes down to a point of view. Windows 8 was designed, primarily, for use on touchscreens/tablets. etc. Microsoft left in the secondary function of using the old style desktop, but, for various reasons, left the legacy start menu out. This is easy enough to install from the several third party add ons now available. But, imo, the performance improvements, speaking of the OS in it's entirety, are not sufficient to allow me to recommend buying, to anyone in my circle. I would see no real reason to recommend that they purchase the product, to then convert it to something more like Windows 7. This includes the above, but also by means of a mass of legacy desktop shortcuts or similar taskbar usage. Windows 7 is stable, and does most things the better than average user would desire of an OS. Why change. But, in spite of having said that, I think the author of the link has , indeed, missed the point. Many potential users of Windows 8 do not have touchscreens. Many, also, may not have , if ever, for many years. Possibly they would not see a real purpose in having to use the "Metro" as their new start menu. Fwiw, and we have been into this too many times, I use, successfully, a combination of both and am enjoying Windows 8.

"Many potential users of Windows 8 do not have touchscreens." True, including myself & as I have said so often, it works very nicely on a non-touch screen or machine. The author should have made better mention of that.


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Except, as I said, " would see no real reason to recommend that they purchase the product, to then convert it to something more like Windows 7. This includes the above, but also by means of a mass of legacy desktop shortcuts or similar taskbar usage."


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I'm still going to have a Start Button I'm too old to learn new tricks!

I do see performance improvement enough to move on to Windows 8.

For me having all the applications that I use a lot on the task bar or my rocket dock bar just makes more sense.
I open and close multiple programs all the time.

When I'm in Indesign for example and want to open Photoshop it's just easier for my to click on the icon on the task bar instead of going to the start screen


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As far as I'm concerned MS simply thumbed their nose at desktop users with the forced Metro mess. They knew from the first public release it was widely disliked. The only thing they could have done to make Metro more annoying was add a rasberry startup sound that you couldn't disable either. On top of that the release date is rapidly approaching and a lot of the Apps are still crap. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to many of the people I know. I don't intend to install it I only saw a small speed increase and my system doesn't support Hyper V. I like to see the desktop bootup in case there are any strange flash screens zipping by possibly installing something extra. For people that are lowend users especially those coming from XP there will be a big learning curve and lots of frustration.

Mike, agreed... I didn't use the old start button & I don't use the 1 in Windows8 nor do I use the Start screen or Tiles. nor is anyone forced to use those things! Ergo, it's hard to get upset over something that doesn't even need to be used. I get to everything from or whilst on or in Desktop. I boot, go straight to Desktop & never look back. Didn't take long to find where things are or how to access them & in the end can access things quicker & more directly than before & when I got curious about something it was clearly articulated, even w/ pictures in the OS HELP section or Getting Started section. Lastly, it's full of options, ie, some APPs maybe thought to be cool by some, others not so much... use what one wants, don't use what you don't... just cus something is available doesn't mean it has to be used or condemned.


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