Keyboard and Mouse problem

Awakening from overnight sleep mode keyboard and mouse lockup. They are fine for opening explorer 8 and when I try yo open a link the puter freezes. I have to shutdown with the on and off button to reboot. Then all is well. Any solutions?

Aspire 5515

So many years of Sleep/Hibernating and still so many issues. I don't even use Sleep or hibernate, I just set the displays to shut off after 1 hour and the hard drive to shut off after 2 hours.

Are you using wireless devices? If so, and if they are Microsoft devices, there are, I believe, 2 HID updates available that might help. Windows update should find and install them automatically if you have it setup that way.

If not wireless, are they wired USB or PS/2 devices? Serial?

Thanks Mike!

It's a notebook....touchpad & keyboard.......updates are automatic. I close the lid for the night and it goes into sleep mode.

Doesn't happen unless it sleeps along time (probably a coma) ......Its not really that important.....just curious


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