LAN not as expected

Peter H Williams

Senior Member
Just decided to use a second PC and trying to network.
Desktop 1 see a Media Server on Desktop machine (an Acer PC) but does not show computer in File Explorer
Desktop 2 sees Desktop 1 (I call STONE) and can access files etc
I believe I have the 'discoverable boxes ticked
Both can see the Brightbox2 router
Both run Windows 10
Not sure what to look for to change / check etc



Windows Forum Team
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Make sure they are both in the same workgroup

Make sure these are enabled on both devices under the network adapter properties

Make sure the following two services are enabled and running

Also verify your firewall profile is set to private
From a powershell prompt you can type Get-NetConnectionProfile and look at the NetworkCategory property it should say Private

Peter H Williams

Senior Member
Many thanks for such speedy response.

FDresPub was not running on Desktop2 - starting this seems to have solved the problem

Both are in WORKGROUP
I assume the graphics information is in Device Manager - if so can't see anything like above

Thanks again