Laptop missing RAM; 1 slot of RAM suddenly not working & overheating.

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before I send my laptop to Acer for repairs, I would like to consult with you guys, ok so,
it was yesterday when I found out that my laptop is missing 4GB of RAM out of 8GB (4GBx2). So I checked both RAM cards, and switched their places, confirmed both are working, and confirmed that 1 of the 2 slots ain't working no more.

I would like to know is there anything that I could do to fix it?

Here's the second part.
Now currently on 4GB of RAM, with my laptop's specs;

Aspire V3-571G
Intel Core i5-2450M 2.5Hz with Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz
Nvidia GeForce GT 640M with 2GB dedicated VRAM
4* GB DDR3 memory
Windows 7 64 bit

Still under the 1yr Acer warranty would be able to manage running high end games right?

Well, now these two days running Counterstrike GO seems to be a problem. When I start playing the game, it's normal at first, but very quickly my laptop somehow overheats quickly and lags.
Also with Battlefield 3 in campaign, with the screen resolution at max, running under 1 minute in the game everything is fine till it lags and overheats so quickly. While playing both games, laptop was set to high performance, with the vents clear of obstruction, with just a page of Firefox running or two.

I have never encountered this overheating and lagging problem before while gaming, and the missing RAM too!

Any help in configuring these issues would be gladly appreciated!
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It sounds to me like the only option is to get the computer fixed.
If both sticks work and it will only show the ram in one of the slots then there is probably a bad slot.

You could get in with a magnifier and see of you can see something wrong with it that you could fix like a bent contact or something but I think the odds are low that you could.

They will probably just switch out the mother board.


Yeah Mike, I will need to send my laptop back to Acer again! -.-

Just thought about the reason for my laptop overheating is... the fan isn't working, I think!
That might be the reason cos not as much hot air is exiting from the vent, as I remember!

Also, this laptop has also experienced sudden restarts/shutdown a few times when I lift/tilt it at random angles when moving it, since it came back from a HDD replacement from Acer. Possibly not entirely secured internal connection somewhere?


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Warranty, definitely. Sounds like a Mobo issue. The fan not working may be of same cause - unless you're talking about the CPU fan, in which case the whole computer shouldn't start.

Lift/tilt problems would indicate loose components or loose connections. Seems to me, the whole construction is a bit vague. I would suggest that you demand a new computer altogether.

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