Loss of printers on a blended network after update

I operate a blended network, wired and wireless, on different IP ranges, wired on a 192 and wireless on a 172 range.

Printers are on the wired network.

Last week, wireless users could print to the network printers. Monday they could. After the latest update, all of my wireless users can't print. I can't get a printer to install. All printer functions are controlled by a print server on the wired network.

Now, after the update for the Adobe font vulnerability, all of my wireless clients are unable to print.

I have checked basic settings and firewall settings. The print server is identified on all units by IP. I can ping from wireless to wired IP, no problems. However, there is no other communication. The print server logs show nothing but wired connections and jobs.


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Just for my information, have your routers been reset? If not you should try it.


Thank you Henk. Rebooted firewall/router, AP controller, computer with print server, switches. Still no luck plus now half of their Avaya phones are getting IP's out of range. Very weird! Rebooted that controller too but no change.


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Reboot should be performed in a specific order. First every thing down, than modem on, router on, than servers on, so that every item that is started sees a functioning network with valid parameters.
I suspect there is a second DHCP server active that causes havoc.


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