Windows 10 Main display changes after switching user


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I have dual monitors correctly configured; when I boot and log as any user, the main monitor remains the same.

However, if then I switch to another user, then switch back to the first user, everything is now switched:
My main display gets on the second monitor with taskbars.

Is this a known issue ?


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The typical behavior is once the dual monitors are set, they should remain that way for all users. Some GPUs allow for profiles, so it's possible the one user is setup wtih a profile and the first user is not so when you login with the second user it switches. Have you tried changing the layout and the user that causes the switch.


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are both users configured as Admin users in Windows? If one is set as Standard user or Guest user, you'll have to login into that user and change the display settings and put in the Admin password when it asks you in the limited account. Once the new display settings are locked into that limited user account, they should stay put.

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