malwarebytes imitation …


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don't get suckered into the imitation software … always go directly to the source … in this case .

yep, another new ransomware variant is making the rounds … trying to pass itself off as legitimate software. supposedly the filename is "malwerbyte.exe". websites are not safe either … something to the effect "malwrhunterteam" or an exact address-extension of "".

i caught wind of it this evening on malwarebytes blog:

remember … even when on the official website … copy/paste the url into virus-total's website to make sure the file is legitimate. few weeks back, kemical discovered classic-shell's official download server had been victimized … sending innocent clients to forged address/file.

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Ouch! Thanks for posting that Jack.:applaud: It's not enough those cyber-creeps are loading up Ransomware which locks access to your computer or your all your files (including your plugged in external drives) and then they want $250-$2,500 in order to unlock it. Going to fake websites inadvertently is a human error that happens amongst inexperienced and beginning computer users.:rolleyes: The Senior population I deal with on a daily basis is especially vulnerable to this.:skull: That's why for the last 3 years whenever I repair or install a new computer, I also put in anti-Rootkit and anti-Bootkit software as backstop protection agains this sort of thing. Some, but not all of these fake site redirection viruses use the Rootkit or Bootkit morphology vector to attack an unsuspecting user's PC as no antivirus or antispyware programs typically catch these types.

Good stuff!;)
I knew of Virus total but do I always use -no . Shame on me. 99% of the time is as good as zero. Always use it. I am going to check if the is an alternative to VT so I will have another to go to if necessary. Before you know it there will be a phony VT.