Massive problems uninstalling windows 8

A while ago on my windows 7 laptop I wanted to upgrade to windows 8 to see how it was. I don't have the money to afford my own windows 8 copy so my friend sent me a download link of their own to install it.

Windows 8 was running well for a long time, I had everything perfect for a month and then it wanted to update. This update was from startup and no matter how long you leave the computer it will carry on saying "installing updates please don't turn off the computer"

This has been like this for a long time.
so I decided I needed to return back to windows 7. I tried uninstalling/refreshing the PC to windows 7 but I can't actually get onto my desktop to uninstall (as the laptop is always 'updating') and I don't have a DVD that I installed windows 8 from to help me refresh the laptop.

I have tried buying windows 8 discs for cheap on eBay to try and resolve the problem but a message comes up saying it isn't the correct CD. I've gone into command prompt to try and factory reset but have trouble with that.

I just want to uninstall windows 8 on my laptop and return to windows 7 so I can use it again, as I haven't been able to use it for a few months now. Because I can't get onto my desktop I can't run any programs or resolve anything. All I want is my original windows 7 back! Would getting a new hard drive be the solution and putting it into the laptop myself be the solution??

I am really stuck and would appreciate any help!!

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You will need to get a Windows 7 disc. You can get one for about $5 from the manufacturer. Once you have the disc you will just need to re-install Windows 7 and re-enter the product key that came with the computer.

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