Stop Windows 10 from uninstalling


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So, this morning Windows decided I wasn't having enough fun in my life, and decided to fuck with me.

Yesterday, it had updated but I had not yet restarted. I hadn't scheduled it - in fact the schedule window was open so I could dictate when I wanted the thing to update. When I woke up, I saw that the laptop (on the locker next to me) was logged out, with the keyboard lights off which meant at some point, it had restarted. "Odd", I thought. I logged in. I instantly got a black screen and a big "Hi" screen preceding a "Welcome to Windows" thing of some sort and an assurance that all my files would be where they were. The fuck? I already have had Windows 10 installed for months, what is this?

I log in, and Classic Start Menu assures me it's compatible. What with? I go to Windows Update and check history, there is no history. Windows has never been updated, apparently. The trackpad feels sluggish, so I up the speed in Control Panel > Mouse, then try to open the specific Asus trackpad software. Will it launch? No, something about it being running already. So I decide to uninstall and then reinstall it. Will it uninstall? No, because it apparently was installed by a different user. I check user accounts on the pc. Are there more than one? No.

I do a Google search to see what was updated in the last few days and all I can find are pulled updates for Windows mobile and the "Update to Windows 10" option on previous Windows versions is now more pushy than before. I find the option to revert Windows back to it's previous version, just to see what's there, and there is an option to revert from this "preview build". What preview build? It doesn't tell me. It doesn't remotely say which version of Windows I am reverting to (stupid me thought it was the previous version of Windows 10 I'd had before all this happened, since Windows Update insisted that there were no updates installed ever).I chance my arm and try to uninstall it, and what happens? It starts rolling back Windows 10 itself, going back to Windows 7. Is there an opportunity to stop this process once it tells me what it's reverting to? No.

So now I'm stuck with having to roll back to Windows 7 unless you fine gentlemen know a way of stopping it. I can't for some reason get into the boot menu - pressing F8 after POST does nothing, so I can't get into safe mode (the first thing I tried). Buggy and acting up as it is, I still want to keep Windows 10 on my laptop (Asus N56VJ).

Any ideas?


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Thanks for the comment, Michael (not sure why you deleted it?). Thankfully it was not rolling back to a previous version of Windows, but to the previous state Windows was in before the update. I've told it to defer such updates so hopefully it won't bother me again.

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