Memory could not read….


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I have been running Windows 10 for about a month, almost every time I close down the Toshiba laptop (my only computer running Windows 10) I get an error message show in the attachment.

This Toshiba is Qosmio X500-116, it has - Intel® Core™ i7 i7-720QM Processor

2 x hard drives - 8192 MB (4096 + 4096) DDR RAM (1066MHZ)

Until I installed Win 10 I have not seen this message before, what is it telling me?



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That you have passwords turned off or you didn't unlock your screen before shutting down... test by locking then unlocking your desktop... that normaly removes the blockage.


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I have a login password that I use at the start of each session, and this does not require me to log in after the screensaver goes into action. Since I posted this it's not shown the message again, I don't understand that.