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I know this makes no sense whatsoever - but here goes.

I'm sure the microsoft act. pw is valid - whenever i go to a microsoft act. sign in box, it worksHere's what doesn't make any sense: I'm supposed to already have an account. whenever i open the win 10 start menu and click on "mail", i get a big blue dialog box with the word "mail" in the upper left and the word "accounts" in the center. under this it says
+ add account. my only option is to click "add account" which opens a new screen - "choose an account" with several options ( microsoft account,, exchange, google, etc etc). I want to access my microsoft act. to read my mail so I click on the icon for that. the next screen asks me "pls reenter your PW. i do so (same pw i used to access this comm. site ) and click
"sign in". the next screen is always the "something went wrong" screen with the error code
0x801901f4 error code . i searched this error code pulled up a few hits but still wasn't able to
resolve this issue. i don't know if this is a pw issue, corrupt file or what - however i can go to a microsoft act. sign in screen, enter my credentials and i can access my ms act.

to put it another way - how should i access my mail account - it's obviously not thru the start menu.

any help GREATLY app


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What AV product are you using and does it have firewall capabilities? I believe the error codes can be broken down into two groupings. The 0x can be ignored, the 8### is some kind of sub system or windows component ID and the last 4 digits are the actual error. 01F4 is ERROR_USER_PROFILE_LOAD. User profile cannot be loaded. So the mail application can't load your email account profile possibly. AV could be locking for scanning or it may even be corrupt.

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The error code basically means that device failed to sync with the Microsoft server;

Ime the most common cause is that the user has more than 1 Microsoft account and the device is (or was at one point in the past) set to a different account as what you are trying to sync to now…
If this sounds like your issue then log into your main Microsoft id ( using a laptop or desktop computer that has already been trusted * to access your online account,
Look under devices and see if this device is there?
Screenshot (448).png

You can trace/ ring a phone if you allow Microsoft to do that and you can remotely disable the device but let's not get ahead of our selves yet.

* if you don't have a trusted system then Microsoft will send a code to your email/ phone that you then add in to trust the system... this code is only a one off and good for about an hour

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