Windows 10 Microsoft Confirms - Windows 10 Free for Insider Program Members


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I don't think I want to continue being a crash dummy. I don't mind messing around with a new OS but I am not going to hang around and test apps.
Did it mention testing Apps? didn't spot that.
This is a little odd, also:
"If your system upgraded from a Genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 license it will remain activated, but if not, you will be required to roll back to your previous OS version or acquire a new Windows 10 license. If you do not roll back or acquire a new license the build will eventually expire."
I would have thought that it could detect, before upgrade, that it was not a genuine copy. "Eventually expire"? I see a hole in the system there, ready for the pirates to exploit.
That looks identical to the system already in operation. It remains a "Catch me if you can" situation.


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And they say it's free for windows 7 and 8.1 users, but that last line worries me, "Additional requirements may apply over time for updates." Does that mean hardware requirements, or are the updates going to be rentware...


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"Additional requirements may apply over time for updates." Does that mean hardware requirements, or are the updates going to be rentware...
In other words : "We will do whatever we want once you're all on Windows 10 !"



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So it looks like I can keep 10 on the VM until final release. Than take an image of 7 just in case I change my mind. Install 10 on my main drive. Reload a ton of programs (not fun) and be good to go on the insider license.
This will than allow me to keep my retail 7 license and upgrade my wife from vista to 7.
Head still spinning!
Again only time will tell.

Ralph Bromley

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I too am concerned over there being some rental fee BS, I dont want to hand over money for security patches and the like


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I have not tried changing my account sign-in, it looks like you can make another e-mail address primary for that account... Wouldn't this take care of the situation?

I changed my Microsoft Account email address, (since I started using Windows 10), from my Comcast to a Gmail account with no problems.

My Microsoft mail started coming to my new account right away and it's the address I've used to log into my account for months now.

I did it because I was having problems with my Comcast account, and switched my address in most places including this forum.

So it doesn't appear that your are locked into any one account.



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Just got this in my (four) Emails.

It is entitled

Your exclusive invitation to the Lumia Windows 10 launch event

What a giggle. It is addressed, presumably, to two million insiders.


You've helped us shape the Windows experience for millions

of people. As a way of thanking you, we want to invite you to be one of the

first to experience the new Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL with Windows 10

It turns out to be basically an offer to purchase some of their hardware


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My most recent experience with the Windows 10 Mobile insider preview on my personal Nokia Lumia has been an unmitigated disaster.
All my Nokia HERE apps that I use for GPS navigation seemed to have been broken and even the native MS Maps doesn't work (opens and closes, no errors just goes away).
I can still use it as a phone, so.....
I won't be rushing to buy a new Windows Phone.
IF Microsoft doesn't manage to get this debacle sorted out, I'll be going back to an Android solution for my next phone.

Everybody throw a coin in the air and see which it will be.
Also if running in VM will we be able to get a full version and then move that from the VM to a drive and make it our main OS and still have a valid license for win 7.

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