Missing Multimedia Controller drivers when updating Vista x86 to 8 Pro N x86

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by KaparLasse, Mar 8, 2013.

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    Why does every new O/S decide to remove undesired drivers and software? Same thing happened when moving from XP to Vista, and once you had Vista you sure had to get out of it!
    Win 8 Pro N has physically deleted 3 multimedia controller drivers;
    1. Type: Other unit, Mfg: Unknown, Location: PCI-bus 1, unit 0, function 0
    2. Type: Other unit, Mfg: Unknown, Location: PCI-bus 1, unit 2, function 0
    3. Type: Other unit, Mfg: Unknown, Location: On Microsoft ACPI-compliant system

    Also, why hasn't Microsoft Fixit 50548 been adapted for Win 8 (i e possibillity to print picture or graphics to printer by right-clicking on file, then left-klick on Print on Menu that appeared. Also works to list contents of a drive on a printer output.
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    That's because you're using the N version of windows 8 Pro. Which was designed for the EU because of the lawsuit the EU brought against MS.

    N Editions - Microsoft Windows

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