Mouse Controls with Dual Monitors

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    Please disregard. This issue has resolved itself. I don't know how to delete this post, or I would do so.

    I am running dual monitors with a desktop. My secondary (#2) monitor sits to the left of my primary. I have both Windows 8 and NVidia set up to recognize both monitors, which one is "#1", and where they are physically located. The issue is that my mouse (Logitech wireless) only allows me to access monitor 2 by moving the mouse to the right i.e., to reach the extended screen that physically sits to my left, I have to "push" my mouse all the way to the right. Talk about counter-intuitive. Before I move my secondary monitor to the right side of my desk (which doesn't work well for my office set-up or work flow), does anyone have any idea if there is a setting that I am missing or a tweak to make the mouse.

    Thank you in advance...:hopelessness:
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