My computer won't start

Sorry if this is a repost, but i'm in a hurry. Here's my problem, i can try to give any additional information if it's needed.
i was installing windows 7 finally, and for some reason during the installation it began restarting...over and over. Now all's it does is restart. I can't get an OS to work at all. I've tried it with and without the discs in and everything. It just starts and gives me two options, to either start windows 7 or start the windows 7 setup again. but it just restarts and asks again. I had vista and i chose to upgrade it from the windows 7 disc.

Any solutions?


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Did you get two disks or just one?

Most all of us agree that an upgrade is not the route to take. It leaves useless files on your system and can cause conflicts.

Save all you Documents, Pictures, contacts, videos, music, etc to a flash drive,

Be aware, you will need to re-install your 3rd party applications.


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It is restarting probably because it is getting a bad error and is supposed to try again. Hit F8 when it reboots to see if you can get to the boot menu. You should be able to disable auto restart and then maybe you can see what is going on.

It is probably a device driver of some kind, so do whatever you can to simplify your system. If you have USB devices connected, unplug them. Two monitors, unplug one. Fewest hard drives you can and if it continues, possibly turn off the sound or network adapter or whatever you can in the bios. Video drivers are also a problem on occassion so there is also an option for using low resolution drivers.

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