My system has gone made 3081mb hardware reserved memory

Hi there somehow my PC has gone mad, windows 7 64bit 9gb ram and showing 3081mb hardware reserved, this is a clean install yesterday because I noticed it had reserved 6gb out of the 9.
Never seen this before any idea's please?
Well after more investigation swapping and testing memory, I find there seems to be some problem with slot 5 as whenever I put any stick in there it doesn't work or show up as PC is booting and I pause at ram counted, strange because if I let it boot it says memory is there but does the hardware reserved.
I've reset the bios upteen times now I have removed the battery and all the power cables from the PSU, I'll let it sit for a while then retest.
Problem solved, my set up is an X58 with a 920 CPU Windows 7 64 bit, I'm lucky I have 2 GPU's and 2 CPU's the CPU I had put in it was a new one I have just purchased which is an highly overclockable one, well the memory controller which is on the CPU is dead on channel 5.
Pleased it was hardware as I'm a bit better at diagnosing that.
Hope this "might" help if someone else has the same problem.


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Right now, I have 8Gb memory, I have a few programs running, nothing heavy, and Task Manager shows 5210Mb available and 2680Mb free - thus, going from the free, some 5.5Gb are reserved, out of 8Gb.

The concept of memory is a variable, it goes up and down, all the time. If your computer works, doesn't stall, just go on shooting. The more memory you have, the more will be used.

No need to be concerned, that is. :)