need help activating.

I just got a new motherboard/processor. I did a clean install of windows 7 and I can't activate.

I tried the phone activation and that didn't work. I had to call them and after about 2 hours she said its not working because I'm not connected to the internet.

Is there anyway I can install the drivers for my motherboard's networking? I'm have a hard time installing drivers and I'm pretty sure its because windows isn't activated. Thank in advanced!


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Use another computer to download your drivers. Put them on a USB stick. You can then transfer them.

u must connect to internet


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You probably haven't installed the drivers that came on a CD / DVD. Motherboards do come with driver discs.

Not knowing your motherboard, just insert the original installation disc, and
1. choose everything it tells you to choose
2. be sure "Network adapters" or something like that are chosen

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