Need help creating Windows 7 install disk with usb3 drivers


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Computer: Motherboard: Asus Prime B250 Plus
CPU: Intel i3 7100

I formatted a hard disk and am trying to install Windows 7 64 bit into the first partition.
When I try to install it freezes where it says: "loading windows"
From my research I think it is a problem with usb3 drivers. When I plug the mouse into the ps/2 I can get the mouse to work. The problem is I can't get the keyboard to work as well.
I have contacte Asus. They gave me an information page to link for preloading USB 3.0 drivers and installing Windows ® 7.
Here are the instructions: [Desktop PC/All-in-One]Windows 7 and USB 3.0 driver installation for Skylake(H110/H170/Z170/B150/Q150/Q170) and Braswell platform | Official Support | ASUS USA

I tried Method 1: Using SATA ODD & USB devices
When I selected the USB it just passed it and didn't load anything.

I tried Method 2: Using ASUS EZ Installer
I tried booting from the Asus support DVD and got Freedos, C: prompt. I don't no what to do with this.

Asus also gave me a link to download Rufus. Will this create a bootable USB with the usb3 drivers?
I already have an operating system installed and want to add Windows 7. Will Rufus allow me to use my partitioning table?
I think I partitioned with MBR will I need to repartition with UEFI?
I don't know anything about UEFI as this is new to me, and am not sure how to set the Asus bios to intall this.

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Yeah if you can use a ps/2 keyboard that would be the way to go or if you have some usb2 ports. Otherwise you will will need to do the following(on another computer)

  • Download the usb 3 driver for your computer
  • Extract the Windows 7 ISO or if you have a bootable usb grab the boot.wim file
  • You will need to mount the WIM file with DISM and then inject the usb3 driver into it and dismount and save the wim file
  • Copy the boot.wim file back to the bootable usb and it should work


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I downloaded the usb 3 driver from Aus. The zip file I downloaded has a number of files:
PRIME B250-PLUS Driver & Tools | Motherboards | ASUS Canada
I have a windows 7 install DVD. I copied the dvd files to the computer. Do I need to put the driver files in with the Windows 7 files? If so which ones do I copy and where?

I think I installed it with MBR partitioning table. Can I use this?

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Help anybody

Im using a dell laptop can anybody tell me wot to do get this moved

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Make sure "File Download" is enabled for the security zone (most likely Internet Zone) in Internet Explorer


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Also please start your own thread and not jump into someone elses. Helps us help you and stops any confusion.

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