Need help with Windows 2003 icacls

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    Hello guys,

    At the moment I am doing a task for school. I need to make a folder that is shared and is only accessible by the specific user and the Administrator. This should in CMD. I already have the following commando' s:
    net user Test Welkom01 /ADD /DOMAIN
    net group Directie Test /add
    mkdir E:\\Gebruikers\Test
    net share Test=E:\Gebruikers\Test /Grant:Test,Change
    (Gebruikers is a dutch word, in English it should by 'Users')
    When I test the folder with the user Test, he can acces the folder and can put things in it. But the administrator need also acces to that folder. But can not get it done to add him. In GUI it is easy to do that, but not in the CMD.

    I using the following OS:
    Windows 2003 Server SP2

    Also the following option is enabled in the Security Tab: Allow inheritable permissions from the parent to propagate to this object and all child objects. Include these with entries explicitly defined here.
    If it must be disabled, this must also trough CMD

    I hope somebody can help me.
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    1. Server 03 is done and dusted so you are wasting your time m8... this is like doing motor machanics course and they teach you about steam engines... just saying.

    2. When you run the command are you loged in as the local admin, the server admin (is the domain rolls installed on this server) or are you in the Test account?
    2a. is the test account you made a member of the admin group?

    3. You don't normal need to turn off parent permissions unless you want to lock out the admin account i.e test is an admin but you don't want other admins on the server to be able to see the files.

    Did you try;

    net share Test=E:\Gebruikers\Test /Grant:Test,Change
    net share Test=E:\Gebruikers\Test /Grant:Administrator,Change

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