Need Office Professional Plus 2010 DVD or ISO image


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I am in need of a replacement disc or ISO image for Office Professional Plus 2010, but my product key will work only with the image distributed through Open Licensing. And I no longer have access to the download through the Microsoft Web sight.

Any help would be eternally (or at least until 2020) appreciated.



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Yes. The problem is that the school where I worked went out of business, and I neglected to download the images before my account ended. I doubt that Microsoft has any interest in 1,000 or so licenses for a product that is two years away from EOL. But I can imagine some crank deciding to de-activate the license just on principal. Having Office is a convenience--that's why I continue to use Office 2007--but losing a lifetime supply of licenses for Windows 7 would be a pain.


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You'll probably need to contact Microsoft directly about it. The alternative would be to use LibreOffice which is free.