Windows 7 Network connection dropping every 2 mins


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Jan 12, 2009
Just clean installed Windows 7 Build 7000.
Everything went fine (After removing myself from behind the keyboard), install worked perfectly, dual screen setup works etc etc.

Windows automatically configured the 2nd SATA HDD, sound etc. All is well.

I downloaded Steam, and started downloading and installing Team Fortress 2. Now my Network and thusly internet connection drop every two mins.
Just to make sure I've been watching it for the past hour or so, and I'm watching the network connection drop.
My motherboard manufacturer only has an XP installer for the LAN port so I can't revert to reinstalling the driver. Not uising wireless, purely wired connection.

Anyone ever heard of this, or a workaround for it? =/
theres been 5-10 posts about this subject just below...
I'm having this issue also... & I'm *ALmost...considering going back to xp

it gets aggervating having to click diagnose connection...

mine drops about every 5 minutes...
This has been an issue touted about for many times. I would suggest doing a system restore back to before the problem happened and see if that fixes it. Then slowly install software one at a time and figure out what is causing this to occur.
For the time being, it seems to be behaving itself. I'm baffled as to why it is though, the only changes I've made since steam are ATI graphics drivers and Adobe CS3 Master Suite.

If I can find out what is going on, I'll post about it. =/
I'm having the same problem. I'm using an ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe, which comes with the nVidia 570 chipset. I'm running 7100 64bit.

The network connection seems to drop out every 15 - 20 minutes, for less than 30 seconds. When diagnosing / fixing the problem, windows 7 resets the adaptor

I updated the drivers from the windows 7 standard to the latest, windows 7 / AMD / SLI compatible ones from nVidia, available from:

nForce Driver

Which hasn't fixed the problem. I've tried both of the ethernet ports on the motherboard, and both suffer from this. I can't think of what else to do.

In desperation, I've also played with the packet size. My network should be able to cope to Jumbo frames, and indeed ran previously under vista 64 using 9014 bytes. I've changing between packet sizes, but it doesn't help.
The origin of the dropping connection ! answer

I made few installations of windows 7 and I'm certain that the problem is Adobe software... uninstall it ! Reader or any adobe software.
;-). Or just try by uncheking adobe software at starting with msconfing...
The problem is NOT Adobe

Sorry steve-o you can't be right. I have the same problem.

Started before I installed anything new.

Long before I installed adobe flash for firefox. No other adobe progs on the PC.

Adobe isn't even mentioned on my start up either.
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