New Skype is really screwed up!


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My Skype has updated a number of time lately and today I wanted to add Falcon Northwest to my contacts list as a phone number.
No sweat, I've done it dozens of times.

So I go to Contacts and look for add a new contact.
Ok they are asking my to put in their name, email address and number.

I did that and all I get is the option to invite them to join Skype, it says if they accept you will get a notice or something like that.

I started over, I thought maybe I can edit another address that I don't use much and change the name and number on it to what I want.
No such luck, you can't edit the contacts anymore.

After messing around for a while I finally looked online only to find dozens of people trying to find out how to add a new contact to their phone contact list.

I found several suggestions that didn't work on the latest version of Skype.

Finally I found a suggestion that worked but is a pretty dumb way of doing it.

Open the Number Pad, Enter the Number that you want to call, let it ring a couple of time and then hang up.
When you look at your contacts list the number will be there.

In my case it added a name too, Falcon NW, I think because it was a commercial number, but for many people they say that all they get is the number with no name identifying it and no way to add the name to the number.

In the past all you had to do was click on add contact and it opened a dialog that let you put in all the information Name Phone Number and if you wanted and email and address, and click Save.

Talk about taking something that worked really well and screwing it up.

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Luckily I still have a copy of the old version which I'm using until they discontinue it.

The new skype is pants..
i haven't done anything exciting on skype … since the last time i offered you a pointer (theme), mike. what i can suggest … pc-settings / apps / apps-&-features … scroll all the way down … "make windows better (give us feedback)".

as of right now … microsoft thinks you love all their products. fwiw … i've let off steam using the feature also (feedback-hub). doesn't help diddly-squat … doesn't hurt either. :drab:
The changes to Skype are, unfortunately, intentional, to get the software to run under the Modern UI (now called UWP apps) that are often featured in the Windows Store. The reason for this seems to be to be able to put Skype on non-standard platforms outside of Intel/AMD-based PCs and onto portable devices like tablets, phones, probably XBOX- that may run a more limited version of the Windows kernel (some are calling this, possible micro-kernel, Windows Core OS. This seems to be in response to the huge capitalization of iOS and Android basically sweeping over consumer devices and basically limiting Windows to more traditional hardware found in offices, workplaces, hospitals, and so on.

However, I must agree, that the new version of Skype is... unfortunately... absolute trash. It has gotten better, and mirrors more closely the original version, but not enough. There are huge tradeoffs that I have noticed with these "Modern" or UWP apps. And this is something that has been noticeable since their initial launch in Windows 8. If you recall, back then, you could not run one of these apps outside of full screen mode, or in multiple Windows, without third party software like ModernMix. Sadly, the Skype conversion still leaves much to be desired.

For years, internally, and in some cases, open to the public, we ran our own team chat on Skype. We have moved away from this platform and are now exploring another option that would provide seamless integration with the forums and allow people to chat in real-time, as well as search for, and potentially interact with, content already on the forum. Unfortunately, because of all the annoying changes, it was time for us to abandon Skype and look for something that would have a more utilitarian value to integrate into the website (Of course that is not yet ready).

That is not to say things can't get better for Skype, but I personally have been noticing it going downhill for quite awhile. I don't see it returning to its glory days as long as its a UWP/Modern UI app. It is still quite usable to make "landline" VoIP calls, but so is Google Hangouts and a bunch of other products and services for that. I think that one of the reasons that the new version is even still popular is that its force-bundled with every version of Windows 10... much like IE was (and still is for legacy reasons) until they replaced it with Edge. And it is getting tedious.

Good luck @MikeHawthorne, but I am quite sure there are few people if any, that enjoy this version of Skype. Microsoft had a great product for businesses called Lync that was separated from Skype, but after they bought out Skype they decided to end it and just call it "Skype for Business".
It's a pain, I've used Skype for years I basically use it for my phone.

I use it all the time when gaming online with my friend Paul, we have played online games together since the 1990s, and at some point Skype came along and let up talk as long as we wanted for free while we played.

You have to wonder what they are thinking when they can make as simple a thing as adding a new contact something that no one can figure out just by looking at the interface.

And you shouldn't have to call people and hang up just to add their number to Skype.

It's strange that they have removed the contact information window that let you change email addresses, add additional phone numbers and other information

Anyway it did work I did contact Falcon Northwest, and I have the number on my list.
Have you tried Discord? Especially if your a gamer it's pretty handy :)
I haven't but I've noticed that a lot of people are using it, I'll take a look at it and see what it's all about.
It looks like they are pushing it to go along with Conan Exiles, which I play with my friend Paul.

At my age I'm afraid you get used to things and hate change. I've now passed the 80s barrier and am officially an octogenarian, but I'm still 4 years younger then Paul.

I haven't had a chance yet, I'm waiting for parts for my computer from Falcon Northwest it's been overheating and I'm going to put in a new power supply, (the fan isn't running) and a new liquid cooler and fan, the processor temps are up too.

I get the stuff direct from them because they only use quality parts and they test everything on the bench before the ship it to you.

It's OK as long as I don't stress it, but as soon as I do the temps really go up.
I've had this one for almost 6 years so as soon as I get it fixed I'm going to order a new one, transfer all my stuff over and give this one to my nephew.

I have to say that it's pretty amazing that I can still run almost anything at max settings on my 27" monitor even after 6 years, but the new one will be much faster, 5Ghz i7 processor and I can't wait to have that Geforce 1080 TI video card pushing a new 1440 34" 21 x 9 aspect ratio monitor.

My present one is running a Geforce 680, and a 3.6Ghz processor.

At my age this may be the last computer I buy so I'm not cutting corners.


Well I just saw that the new video card series is coming on line right now, the Geforce 2000 RTX based on a whole new architecture that is going to be many times faster then the 1080 series. One article says 30 times faster at some functions!

So now I'll have to see when those are going to come online at Falcon it say that they will ship the 20th of next month..

This may also push down the price of he 1080TI a bit, but I really want to have the latest thing if I can afford it.

Introducing NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 Series of Graphics Cards

Except for the TI is seems like the prices aren't too extreme, the RTX 2080 at $800 looks pretty good, I'm not sure that, that is any more expensive than the 1080TI.

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