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Windows 8 Nice Item on Desktop Toolbar

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Re: Control Panel

Was a time when going to CP would show all its content, all its individual components. But, can go to CP & see 'categories' & maybe, wonder which has the item sought, @ that moment. CP @ the bottom-left corner is as such. CP from All Apps is the same. However, you may not realize, there is a CP that lists all its items; it is found in the Desktop Toolbar (as, easily, are many other, handy, things).

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There are many ways to accomplish almost anything in Win 8. I did try this method, but found drilling down to the item I wanted just seemed to take me too long. This is one reason why I installed Classic Shell. I have control Panel set as a Menu Item. With this I click on the Classic Shell Start Shell (instead of orb, it is shell shaped), Hover my cursor over CP and it opens. Fewer clicks saves me time.

The reason I customized Win 7, and now Win 8 RP was to make my life easier. These customizations are not "necessary" but makes my job somewhat easier for me. All the hubbub about having to customize Win 8 RP is irrelevant in my case, as I spent as much time customizing Win 7 as I have Win 8 RP. The Win 8-Style UI versus Desktop UI is a less than 30 second change. You just move the Desktop Tile to the upper left. You do have to hold down the Enter key for a couple of seconds when you first sign on, but that is a non-issue.
Wonder how many of these customizations will survive RTM.
Apparently some methods of booting straight to desktop and avoiding the UI "formerly called Metro" will not be supported.
Microsoft said to block ability to boot straight to desktop in Windows 8 | ZDNet
So I have to wonder if even the "Skip Metro" setting in classic shell will survive.
Is it just me or is Microsoft making it more difficult to like and defend them.
The ability to boot directly to Desktop was gone w/ the RP. What did work, through the CP, passed momentarily through, Start. If, one has no interest in the Start screen the following is suggested:

1. Click the Desktop tile when arriving @ Start.
2. W/ the Desktop tile @ top-left, hit ENTER. Whatever tile is placed top-left, upon hitting ENTER, that is where it leads.

For the sake of 1 Click or the single tap of 1 Key, Boot is to Desktop.

Customizations? Maybe, can label it that BUT, the things I mentioned are all innate... naturally available in the OS w/out, any 3rd party additions or -retro-fits'. Including what was shown regarding Control Panel items... that is, also, by default, part of the highly advocated, Desktop Toolbar.

One can navigate Win8 rapidly & enjoyably w/out heaps of 'customizing' & w/out adding 3rd party items.

I swear some folks must not be discovering how 8 can work well & smoothly. There's no denying I had it more complicated than need be, @ 1st. But, I & others have come to see it doesn't deserve what's being said; the comments don't apply... when things are read but, daily, actual configuration & use don't support them... then, there must be abilities, paths & methodologies of which people are not aware. Things are easy to find & do, in Windows8 and that is, even, w/out Start.

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This loss of facility in Windows 8, seems to be the main topic of conversation at the moment, on all forums. Perhaps it is being hackneyed from very early, first observations`.
But, at the risk of starting another boring and repetitive thread, on this subject, let me put my pov.
When you arrive at the Windows 7 desktop, you have alternatives. If you are a user who likes most things available on the desktop, or Taskbar, one click and away you go. After use, and closure, you are back on the desktop again.
When you arrive at the Window 8 "Desktop" (Metro), if you have organised Metro, as you would have done with the Windows 7 Desktop, you are presented with all your favourite items. One click and you are in that item/program. Closure and you are back in the legacy desktop. You can set up the Windows legacy, in the manner to which you are accustomed, if that is where you feel more comfortable, or one click and you are back in the Metro. -I would point out, at this point, that the advocates of the old start menu, who do not use desktop icons or the taskbar would, at this point, have to click the start orb then "programs", then there desired program.

So far, Trouble, the Classic does boot into the RTM.

Ted. I agree that this may be trivial, but what did you mean by
"You do have to hold down the Enter key for a couple of seconds when you first sign on, but that is a non-issue. " Couldn't quite work it out??


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You are, maybe, mixing or equating Start w/ Desktop. Thing is, organizing Start (screen) is a moot point... following Boot-up, once going to Desktop, there can be no more visits to Start. Everything is done, accessed, found on or from Desktop. Desktop being the point of orientation not, Start. Tiles on Start being inconsequential... could be none there except for the (lone) Desktop tile, really.

Nor is there any need, in the spirit of the approach under discussion, to have a 'cluttered' Taskbar not, in the least.
And this can be w/out adding in any 3rd party items.

Many people keep talking in terms of (the) Start (screen) being their 'hub'... does not need to be, not @ all!

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Drew. Is this post addressed to me?
If so, if I understand your abbreviated text, I cannot see any relevance to what I was expressing?? I was merely stating a point of view. Your own obsession, as posted so many times, with being on the desktop, and discarding the (previously called - lol) Metro, is not necessary, with a little more examination. That was the whole, and only point, I was making. Nothing whatsoever to do with "mixing or equating Start w/ Desktop"
Ok. I wasn't sure what you were saying initially & now, even, less so. So, ok. No problem, got it. Thanks for explaining/clarifying. Can just ignore things that don't apply, no worries. Sorry you think me obsessed. All this time I've felt been quite unbothered by Start & found many other people seeming to have an obsession with it. Admittedly, I have suggested making an issue over it is a bit unnecessary.

Not sure to what abbreviations you refer..

W/ = with
W/out = without

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And with that, I'll drop out of this thread. - I never learn!
Always wish I could fare better with you, too. Sorry you get frustrated.

Maybe see more of you in the MS forum.

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