nightmare with network user name/password


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In response to saltgrass. The router is wireless. We have had it for the past 3 years. Have been using it wirelessly all that time. Plus there is a wireless indicator on the front panel that lights up when wireless activated.
Strange, the info I see on a Speedstream 4200 does not show it as such..oh well.

You did say your daughter was running Windows 7 on the laptop, right? I can't seem to find the info in your previous posts...

Hi alberto,

Sorry didnt reply over the weekend. To answer your question yes she runs windows 7 premium.

But the good news is the issues is resolved. Had a Tech guy come over to look at the problem. He fianlly narrowed the issue down to a problem with the router.

Seems there was a problem with the wireless signal being transmitted. He tried hard restart. Boosting signal etc. Nothing worked. He spent nearly an hour trying to get the thing fired up but no joy. But just as he said i would have to get a new router the thing fired up.

He changed a few settings and loh and behold my daughter's Laptop connected straight away. She has been happily surfing ever since.

I must say i was glad to see the tech guy was struggling as much as i was. Made paying him seem not so painful.

A big thank you to veryone for their advice and suggestions. Seems sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and pay the proffesionals.


Personally I think the professional got lucky just as he was about to call it quits! ;)
Still, glad to hear the issue was solved.

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