No audio (speakers/headphones not plugged in) defaulted to digital audio

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by jthwdraco, Oct 14, 2012.

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    Oct 14, 2012
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    i have posted this on several different forums, asked several different people irl etc but i still haven't gotten any sound to work. Windows says that i don't have speakers or headphones in when i do and just defaults by trying digital audio (i dont even have anything that can play that.)

    Mother Board: Asus P5G41C-M
    Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 550 Ti

    DON'T even suggest realteks drivers, they didn't fix the issue at all and everyone has suggested it. Also Asus's drivers are outdated.

    Im pretty sure it isn't a hardware issue because i have tried 2 different speakers, with and without headphones and it works in a different os (Ubuntu) that i have on another hardrive i switch with this one as a weird dual boot.

    The entire reason i switched to ubuntu is because the sound stopped working on windows and i couldn't figure it out then now i got a new hard drive and im trying windows again and off a fresh install the sound didn't work, please help if you can, i have no idea what to do.
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    I'm guessing you tried this ASUS - - ASUS P5G41C-M
    Go to audio and download and install this.
    Right click on Computer - Properties - Device manager - and see if anything has an Exclamation mark next to it to see if it needs updating.

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