Windows 8 No Sound in Videos - No changes Made to Laptop


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Strange Problem-No Sound when playing back Videos.Laptop is near new.


I have an Acer Aspire V5 laptop.It has a celeron cpu,and is a basic small laptop.
I listen to video news online,and i have not installed or uninstalled any software prior to the problem of no sound in videos since it last played back video with sound.

I have tried to play the same video on firefox and internet explorer,and there was no sound,only video.
The browsers are using FlashPlayer as far as I know.And the speakers (realtech are the default speakers-found in the control panel/sound.Is there another sound setting??
The sound card works as skype works.
I am stumped for an answer to this problem.

The volume link is not available on the video played in both browsers.And the mute button is available in IE but not in Firefox,but it is not muted(as I have checked).
And the volume which is accessed from the bottom right hands side of windows is at max.

What has happened to the volume??

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.


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I had this problem awhile ago (but mine was Chrome specific), if I remember correctly uninstalling then re-installing Adobe Flash Player did the trick for me. Also if your using a beta version of Flash Player, consider using the latest stable build instead.


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tried that,still no sound.
I have tried all the links in the "sound" link in control panel and the flashplayer right click and control panel links.I have reinstalled win 8 also.


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Is the volume icon in the notification area white or have a red X on it? Some times with laptops there's a FN key-combo that will mute/up/down the volume...which can be accidentally hit.
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the volume in the bottom right hand corner is white,and says the speakers are 96%.
Did you click on that sound icon and then the mixer link, while a video is playing in your browser, to see that the browser itself is not muted, and the browser volume is sufficiently high?


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Do you hear sound when head phones are plugged in?


I had the problem.

Here is the fix:

1. Right click the volume button in the right bottom corner and select playback devices.
2. Disable RealTek audio device by double clicking it and selecting disable at the bottom and select apply.
3. Exit Settings and hit the volume button (It should have a red X over it)
4. It will diagnose and fix the problem.

Hope this helps!!!

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The problem is maybe the output device (i.e. Speakers, Microphone etc...) Please try listening any sound through other output device and reply the conclusion.