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I've been getting Phishing emails in the last few days.

I got one from my bank saying that someone had tried to log into my account and asked me to input my Account information and Password, to confirm that I was the account holder.

It said that if I didn't do this immediately my account would be frozen.

Now tonight I got one saying the same thing about my Twitter account, almost word for word.

The thing is I don't have a Twitter account.

I reported the bank one to my bank, and saw that they already had a place to input the information.

So just be careful, never give you info via email to anyone.



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they work on bulk... most people don't read their emails anyway.

p.s, I assume you have a hotmail | outlook | live account... Microsoft is having issues this week.


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@MikeHawthorne: good Advice!! :up:

@Norway: I read your E-mail yesterday; oh, wait you didn't send me one.:rofl: That's funny for sure. People who get caught in Phishing only read and respond to scam E-mails; wonder what they do with the rest of their E-mails?? Makes you wonder..


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