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Thank you mdlcomps. Yes, we are probably all simple. However. You will see that this thread is outdated by more than one month. Your solution was suggested by myself and subsequently by another poster in detail. There was no response from the OP.


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Thank you mdlcomps. Yes, we are probably all simple. However. You will see that this thread is outdated by more than one month. Your solution was suggested by myself and subsequently by another poster in detail. There was no response from the OP.
Yeah, I think we understood what the OP was talking about...eventually.

jeradw said:
FYI - Sounds like that "feature" is called breadcrumbs.
jeradw said:
Maybe check this out...sounds promising.

Disable Explorer Breadcrumbs in Windows Vista :: the How-To Geek

Edit: I couldn't get this to work, but if you could...awesome!!

I think the best solution is the ALT-D solution that RAK posted. I tried TechNet and Google and I couldn't find any way to disable that feature. Alternatively, you can also click on the icon on the way left side of the address bar to make the address editable.
Still sounds like the best option for this post is ALT+D; I'm still not finding anything else.

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As soon as I discovered the new address bar I started hating the old one.

I love breadcrumbs,,,,, Navigation is so much better and easier

You can click the little arrows between each name and have the list of folder to nav to.
It is so much cleaner and easier.

Sorry for this bump.. truly, but read on.. Please.

i just came from Google just to try and find an answer to the question; Is there a way to get rid of this fancy whooptidoo "explerror xD.... explorer" address bar. I tried working with a windows vista / 7 computers of all different sizes about 100times in my life (70 for vista 30 for 7). And I must say it's a real disadvantage that the address bar is not text based anymore from windows vista. So I thought this for a minute and searched on google, came here and red the entire threat finding out there's a hotkey to fix the address bar by some hotkey.. I don't care what hotkey combination neither what this keyboard combo does it's a shame ms didn't know users like me and many more make actual use of this. "so it's like, not a single programmer from ms thought, maybe we should make an option to go back to the old style text based explorer bar" So we can copy past again, u have any idea how many times we make use of this feature... There's a lot of program's popping up a window where you should browse to select a file, now copy / paste the directory you probably still have in open in a windows in the taskbar. And there are many more reasons to keep the classic adress bar.

Well I registered here thinking about installing Windows 7, also running Linux (debian lenny, winehq) but emulating windows still seems to be very hard. It's like some parts are unbreakable, I wonder sometimes, should I even trust that 'what is not understood' by any 3th party in the world.. I hate windows xp, and all its versions before and after it (except for dos). Windows is not going to be any better I think the only step forward is a step sidewards here.. Like Linux but Linux has other disadvantages.. Maybe i should go back in time or something where there where no computers anymore.

Oh, and dyde, RAK.. I don't know but I have the feeling you like to act like you're stupid, I could be wrong but if not is it maybe that you are in desperate of attention,,? need any help? Please don't see this as an attack or something but I you do I don't even care because we probably never meet.. And if we do, I think we differ to much to even get to know.. Peace dude ;')


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just A little out of topic but having relationship.

the problem is this: my personal opinion is that xp was [is] by far the best os that microsoft made [for the user], and i concentrate [here] to the way of titlebar customization. adressbar could add or not added, at the position user like, also navigation buttons, search etc etc.

All those have a by far better logic than that we find in vista and 7, with adressbar, search bar , navigation buttons at a specified position and also a folderband down of them that is complete unnessesary [as toolbar, because some of the commands that have could be at a menu toolbar --> press F10 for open it, or as buttons between adressbar and navigation buttons].
And if we speak about symmetry in the window, and economy of the space, folderband is a disaster, at least microsoft could give us a button, in adreesbar nearby or at any place possible, for open/ close it.

if you use Safari for windows you can see the old xp logic of customization of explorer titlebar , adding or deleting command buttons, adress bar, search bar etc.etc [as also os x do]
this is an xp style way of customization and it is by far more usefull for the user.

we are in 2010, we pay microsoft for something better and what we have is operating systems [vista and 7] with no futures that windows XP in 2000 had.

there is no excuse.


[i have many times written these, in other forums, and also as beta tester feedback, though no answer and no change, as microsoft have better plants.

i have myself changed the windows code in windows 7 for having mouse pressed white text color [as this future exist only for clasic theme !!! ]


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I have CLASSIC SHELL installed. It is free and is the best solution to make win 7 bearable. Just click on the explorer bar but not on the !@#$% arrows! This will show the path of the file or folder.

Whoever designed RIBBONS, LIBRARIES (new explorer), and NEW MENUS; is (are) mentally incapable of designing anything logical and should seek employment in Guantanamo! :mad:

Were it not for CLASSIC SHELL I would certainly have "Upgraded" back to XP and Office 2003!

Win 7 is fast and stable but it is only a gamers OS. Anyone who knows where his files are and likes to keep them where he wants; is in for a rude awakening with Win 7.


If you want Windows 7 to look more like XP, right-click on the desktop- go to "Personalize" where you will scroll down to the bottom and select "Windows Classic".

Then you can go to "Window Color" (below what you just selected) where you can change the general appearance of Windows.

Other than that, to make the arrows go away, you just click to the right of the path (open area) and it becomes the standard address bar with an editable path-- or press F4.

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Another thing about the "old" XP address bar (before SP 3), is that when is was a task bar toolbar, you could reduce its length until you could see only one character. You could click on that, and then type even if you where not seeing what you where typing. Actually, a small popup writing zone/history was appearing above the taskbar (the size of which was unfortunately not remembered between logons), so you could even see what you where writing.

Of course the first thing I did when I installed 7 (yesterday) was to switch to compact Win 2000 look (I have a 1024 pixels, 4:3 screen)
But I can't reduce the length of the address toolbar on the taskbar past a certain point, and that point is still using 1/5 of the length of my toolbar.

I guess there must be some registry value for this minimum length of the address toolbar on the task bar....

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