Windows 7 Onboard realtek sound probs


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Mar 3, 2009
Well finally took the plundge and installed Win 7. the only issue I am having right now is sound or the lack there of. I have an ASUS A6JA Laptop with onboard realtek sound and the only thing that would install is HD sound and it doesnt recognise the speakers. I have tried several downloads of AC 97 drivers to no avail, not sure where to go next. Any advice at this point would be welcome. Not much good to me with out sound.
Download the proper drivers AND the application from the Realtek site. Then it should work -- try also connecting headphones or external speakers -- you should get a little prompt "A Jack has been plugged in / unplugged".

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Not completely correct. Being someone who owns a Asus P4P800 S E and with Soundmax Audio intergrated and the same issue. I did exactly what you mentioned 3 weeks ago? Nothing, did that DX9c fix still nothing. haven't tried the "wierd media player fix" yet. But will try it and see if that works? :eek:
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