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my laptop (Sony Viao) restarts on its own when I'm busy on it. before it restarts i hear a soft tick first, then the error blue screen appears, and when starting up again i see the message 'operating system not found'. I then have to force shutdown by holding the power button and power on again and it starts up fine. I had this problem ever since I bought it a year ago. in the beginning it happened about once a day, and worked fine after that. now it happens atleast 3 to four times a day. please help, I'm worried that after a time it wont find start up at all, or just simply crash entirely :(


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I don't know for sure what the soft tick is you seem to be hearing, but it might be the system trying to access the hard drive. I would probably be backing everything up and making an image of my system, just in case.

Do you know if your system has any special configuration, such as a mSATA drive used to speed up the HDD?

The no OS found message probably means the system is looking in the wrong place for the OS, or for some reason it is not readable. Have you tried running Chkdsk on the drive yet?

You might also run a System File Check by opening an Administrative command prompt and using the command

SFC /scannow

and let us know if it finishes without error. There is a chance of an error showing even though nothing is wrong with your system files because of one file I have seen, so don't panic is it shows problems.


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............ I had this problem ever since I bought it a year ago.........

Questions :
1. Did you buy it brand new from a retail store?
If yes, did it come with Win 7 pre-installed.
If it did not come with Win 7, did you install the Win 7 yourself ?
If yes, is the Win 7 copy legal and with a valid product key?

2. Did you buy it 2nd hand?
If yes, is the seller trustworthy?
Is it possible the seller has a counterfeit copy of Win 7 installed in the computer?


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I'm guessing the obvious is happening here; bad hard drive. Usually if you hear ticking or some sort of noise from HD you can suspect bad hard drive. Do as suggested above and Backup your files immediately also look into replacing hard drive. After backup see if you can create a restore disc from your system. If you can't, try and create an image as soon as possible. Then run a chkdsk /r in the command prompt. If you were able to create a restore disc. Good luck.

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As a further precaution, if your laptop did not come with any recovery dvd's then you must try and create a set before your hard drive fails totally, otherwise you will have no means of recovering your op sys to a new hard drive.

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