Pc freezes cannot be explained

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by ib2gr84u2c, Dec 23, 2015.

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    Hello and i will start by saying that i am running windows 8.1 and my problem will be best described by looking at my other two posts on tomshardware http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2889776/freezing-progressively-worse.html and linustechtips My Pc freezes and it is becoming more frequent. please help - Troubleshooting . essentially i have an AMD fx 8120 cpu watercooled and in an asus m5a97 r2.0 mobo plugged into an evga supernova 750gold psu. My problem is that randomly my pc will freeze entirely and i will have to reboot it no matter how long i wait. This can be induced everytime i visit certain websites like speedtest.net or hbogo and when i check the event logs i see nothing but a time gap which i posted in my tomshardware thread. i have run a live usb of ubuntu and was unable to replicate the same freeze which leads me to believe its an issue with windows. i appreciate your replies in advance and i am more than willing to post information in order to further diagnose the problem.
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    Have you tryed turning updates back on and see if there is any new patches?
    The Ubuntu test only proves it's not hardware under power stress... I'd look at steam and ram next.
    How much memory is in the system (both actual Ram and page files) and how long did you let the memtest ran for... at least 12 hours solid is my recommend for a Oc system.

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