PC Simple Communications Controller is Missing


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Where can I find a download for PC Simple Communications Controller driver?


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Hey Sonny! How's it going.
That driver would likely come from the board manufacturer's website, So.....
With a board Manufacturer Name, Model Number, Rev. Number and any other identifying numbers we might be able to help you with that, Or...
Open device manager, select then right click the problem device and choose properties, select the "Details" tab, use the drop down to change from Device description to Hardware IDs.
Right click in the "Value" box and choose Select all and then right click again and choose copy. Paste that information into your next post and we'll see if we can help track that information down.


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Along with what Troubles mentions, the Intel Management Engine Interface usually needs additional drivers. I don't remember for sure if this is that exact device. The info Trouble has point out would tell us for sure.


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Hi Trouble, it's going pretty good. I don't know why yesterday it wouldn't let me put in a driver and this morning the driver was there. I have no idea what happened. I will keep in mind what you suggested if it happens again. The problem it caused was every time I rebooted or turned my computer on, I would have to go and configure my IP.

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