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I have a Nokia Lumia 630. I have had it for about 7 months. I have a SD card, and about half of my storage has been used. Now, when I turn the phone on and unlock it comes up with a black screen saying its loading. I can click on the bottom right search, it comes up with the search but then it is still loading. I have to hold down the button to turn it off.
How do I fix this?

It is urgent

Thank you


I can still access settings and the search bar. Soft reset does nothing. What should I do? Hard reset?

Thank you

What should I do? Hard reset?
If a soft reset doesn't do it for you then that's likely your remaining option, be sure to backup things first, hopefully you've been doing that right along.

I've had to do a couple on my 521 and my 810 but, that's primarily attributable to the fact that I use them both to play with Windows 10 preview builds.
It's a pain in the butt, but sometimes your only last course of action.

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I assume an Windows 8.1 Phone??
Have you been involved with the Windows Insider Program with this particular phone??
Have you tried a soft reset?? Hold volume down and power button together for five or ten seconds, phone should soft reset.

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