Windows 10 Possible OS Hacked- Strange Folder and Files after new install


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I have been having strange computer problems for some time. I notice that the pictures and graphics are either morphed, altered or exact pictures of people I know, my friends, or other notable people that seem to be fit into the advertisements, pop ups or substituted for the regular images that would be there on most websites I visit. And at times, options are not available through the menus, or strange error messages are displayed, or my internet will stop and information on websites is not correct or accurate and some I know is made up on the fly or by someone who is manipulating the data either on the websites themselves, or what is displayed on my computer. I am posting screenshots of the folder tree display for the local disk c, then the windows then the WOW64 folder which after 10 full pages of screenshots the slider was only 15% of the way down. So it had alot more things mostly .dll files and strange looking programs names as exe. files. I just did a re-install of the operating system using the windows iso creation tool using the only choice which was for the updated version. By looking at the limited screenshots is this the normal OEM Microsoft Windows folder and file contents of an untouched Microsoft Windows Home updated system? Please let me know. I am posting 5 images at a time due to the limit. If there are any other folders that are usually added to a hacked OS or files within any specific folders that are the tell tell signs of the OS software being hacked or compromised let me know and I will screenshots those to help out identifying if my system has been hacked. Thanks.


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There's no way to tell if they're normal and there's no norm for compromising a system. Syswow64 is a normal folder that exists on every 64 bit version of Windows. It's an emulation later for 32 bit applications on a 64-bit OS