Windows 10 Printer not printing wirelessly


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Jul 7, 2021
We have two pc's, windows 10. The printer is a HP DeskJet 3639. Neither of them can work wirelessly. Yesterday I did something to the settings so now we have lost the wireless connection (they were working ok but we did some experiment with the router and modem because of a TV issue, we did undo the test ).

Strangely, however, I was able to print out the "HP NETWORK CONFIGURATION PAGE" wirelessly. I tried all of the troubleshooting ideas that HP offers, but the problem persists. I can send a copy of the configuration page if that would help (if it's safe to send).


I have the same problem. As far as I am aware, I altered nothing significant in printer or lan settings. Recently I found I was unable to print (wireless) to my main printer on the LAN. All attempts to reconfigure the security settings have had no results.
For the moment, I have given up. I use my local computer , on a usb connection, or take the required stuff though to the computer where the main, and superior printer sit and print from there.
A couple of fixes on the web, concerning a recent Microsoft security update, were tried, but did nothing.

Routing table in the modem/router? Yes, I know, just a wild guess., but you could try it.
Switch off everthing in your network, wait a while.
Than switch on again, one by one, start with the modem, than if you have it the router, followd by whatever you have.

Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, I think, for the moment, I have covered all basis, including those. No improvement.:(

I found the "HP Print and Scan Doctor" app. It's created by HP and it fixed the problems. It might work for any pc/printer. It's in the play store.

The program would not run on my computer. Too old. Tried compatibility mode, Admin mode, no luck