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I cannot install my Konica Minolta Printer with Windows 7. According to Konica Minolta a driver will not be available until July 2010. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?;)

Visa Drivers

I have tried installing via compatability mode and I still get the same message that the software cannot be loaded using windows 7

Try "googling" your printer/model and Windows 7 and see if anyone has had a similar problerm.


I have tried everthing thing I can think of to find a driver without success which is why I logged onto this page. The printer is a Konica Minolta Pagepro 1390MF


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Go to Start Control Panel > Devices ad Printers and click the various printers in the list,
Sifter you extract the files, look for an .inf file and select that,.


Hi there Sorry I dont understand what you have told me to do


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Sorry, I wasn't clear In Devices and Printers, click on the Add Printer on the toolbar, This will bring up a list of all printers compatible with Windows 7. If yours is no in the list, extract the files you downloaded and select the .inf .file.

This should start the installation.


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If theres no driver until July and compatibility mode doesn't work, then there is not much you can do except wait.

That is what I am beginning to think that I will not be able to print until July 2010 which is extremely annoying.


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If you go to your local Tech dealer (Future Shop, Best Buy, Staples, etc) you should be able to work out a deal to "rent" a compatible printer, or of course you could always "steal" one from a friend.
It is very unfortunate that the company won't be releasing drivers until that time period.


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Did you try my suggestion about adding a printer?

Adding my printer

Hi guys

I have tried everything that has been suggested and have still not been able to install the printer. I think it is disgusting that Microsoft issue a product on a new laptop that is not compatable with existing hardware. We don't all have their money to be able to go out and buy a new printer just for 7 or so month's. I also blame Konica Minolta that they are not releasing a driver until the middle of 2010. The small man against the big company again. What can we do. It will certainly make me think about what to buy when I have to replace my printer when it gives up the will to live.

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