Windows 7 Problem with buttons and Desktop shortcuts


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I have that problem - I downloaded a new theme for my win7 , but I didn't like it so I unistalled it. The problem is when I removed it my ''close'' ''restore down'' and ''minimize'' buttons became smaller and all my shortcuts show error on their icons.
I attach a screenshot, so you can see what I am talking about.
If somebody knows how to fix it, please help. Untitled.jpg
Sounds like it may be the icon cache got stuck with your old theme pointers - goto c:\, users, your user name, appdata, local. Delete the file "iconcache.db" (to delete and not just send to recycle hold down the shift key while you press delete. Then reboot.

(You may first need to go to control panel, folder options, view and select the "show hidden files and folders" option)
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There was no such file , only a folder IconCache , I deleted it and rebooted and still nothing happened.
What to do with the ''close'' and other buttons being smaller ?
That's ok - the file displayed as iconcache was just not displaying it's extension of db. I was pretty certain that ll your problems were arising from the icons previosuly used being cached - you're quite sure the file successfully deleted before you rebooted?
ok - thanks for the feedback - may be a bit of a drastic solution but an occasional reisntall is not a bad thing for all sorts of reasons.