Windows 7 Problem with default H.264 Codec in Media Player/Media Center


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Apr 15, 2009
There is a problem with the new default H264 codec in Windows 7

I have around 380 DVDs ripped to H264 by using Xillisoft DVD Ripper (apple tv h264 profile) bit rate max 800, frame rate 25

Now in Vista media center all of these movies played just fine (using the Community Codec Pack)

Windows 7 default codec pack and only about 10 of the ripped films actually work, the rest of them are just a black screen, some play with sound, some dont play at all.

This is when I try and play them in Win7 Media Player or Media Center.

Now if I use Quicktime or another media player (VLC for instance) using the CCCP codec pack, they work perfectly fine in windows 7 (but still dont work in Win 7 Media Player or Media Center).

Some something is seriously screwed in the Microsoft codecs
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