Problem with IE10 when opening multiple browser screens.


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Okay, I have a problem with IE10 for ages now.

For my work I have to open a lot of browser instances. I am using mainly IE10 and Firefox.
Every time, when I have a several browsers and tabs open in IE, it regulary happens that the next browserscreen I open turns to a blank page.

This only happens in IE. For example I have opened about 8 IE browsers along with several tabs in each of them. Then when I open a new browser instance of IE or even a tab, it will show an empty page.

Sure; my first guess would be that it is a memory problem, however I have sufficient memory (16 GB RAM) and it doesn't affect Firefox. I already tried increasing IE's cache size, but this also didn't do anything.

I really have no idea. The only solution in this case, is to close several IE windows, however it's not really a solution. And yes I checked my memory usage and mostly it's only 1/3 used according to task-managers. Also I am not using any kind of add-ons for IE.

I have been experiencing this problem for as long as I can remember. It happened in IE9 and it also is happening in IE10. Of course I can always start to use Firefox only, or another browser like Chrome, however I would prefer to keep using IE along with FF.

Probably this isn't fixable, but I am just wondering, because today it happened for the XXXXX-time now and to be honest I am getting tired of it. Of course I could have understand this problem IF my memory was full, but this is not the case...

And I run CCleaner on regular basis.

Anyone has an idea or even a solution?
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