Problem with Mouse

My mouse keeps going to the top right, and bottom left corners of the screen. What can I do in fixing this?


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Does the mouse have it's own drivers or are you running the default Windows drivers?
If it has its own driver package try reinstalling or updating it.

If you have access to a different mouse try it and see if the same thing happens.

Try plugging it into a different USB port.

Look at the mouse in control panel and try changing settings for it and see if the work as expected, i.e. faster, slower pointer speed etc.

Take a look at the mouse in Device Manager and see if it shows any errors.

As a last resort you could try uninstalling the mouse in Device Manager and reboot and let it reinstall the mouse drivers etc automatically.

Reboot your computer using the keyboard.
"Windows Key" plus "i", use the arrow keys to navigate to the "Power" button and hit enter.

If none of this works come back and let us know.


A little more info. It's the touchpad mouse.

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