Problem with starting up Windows 7 after instalation of XP on another hard disk with

Hi. I Have a problem starting up the newest windows after instalation of older windows with dual boot mode. I

installed XP 32bit from windows 7 onto another hard disk. Afterwards, It does't allow me to start Windows7. It

freezes at "Verifying DMI pool data". After reading some forums, I might have MBR, BCD or more files damaged. I

found some solutions but both systems are on the same hard drive. How am I suppose to fix Windows7 when its on a

different hard disk. If I start up XP, I can see hard disk where windows7 is but when I want to open it, it says

"D: is not formated". I would to need fix the files so I can boot Windows7 to save some of my stuff. If I need to I

can erase XP. Thank you for your time. Mark


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Hit F8 and get into the BIOS and move the second hard drive to the top of the list.

Truthfully, I don't know if you can do a"clean" install with XP. You have to choose the upgrade route.

to reghakr

I cant boot from HDD where is W7. It freezes at "Verifying DMI pool data". I dont care about XP which is instaled right now on second HDD. I need make work HDD where is W7. Do you know how fix MBR, BCD and other boot files on HDD???


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Could you give us a screen shot of Disk Management?


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I cant boot from HDD where is W7. It freezes at "Verifying DMI pool data"
I need a vacation:redface:

Hey guys
I don't know why but i was think W7 RC don't have repair option on instalation DVD disk. I don't go over first screen which say "instaling windows" before. Now i find this option if i boot from W7 RC instaling DVD and then i use startup repair tool for repair HDD. Partition informations been corupted. I run self repair twice and finaly W7 startup. :D
Anyway guys thank you for concern to help me.

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