Problem with Win10 File Explorer.


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Win10 closes File Explorer immediately when I right click a file, folder, or, drive. Thus, I am unable to eject USB drives and everything else. Very annoying!!! Any ideas?


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Hi again Sid :)
I found another link and again it's for win 8 but apparently the fix works:
Solved Right Click Menu Lag on my pc


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If explorer closes right away, it may be encountering some file which is corrupted or some storage area it can't deal with.

Since Explorer is not normally involved in ejecting a USB drive, it may be related to that. Could you describe the USB devices you are using?

Not all USB devices need a Safe Removal. Things like Card Readers do not need the media ejected and can cause problems for the Root Hub for that specific device. You may check the Device Manager, look at the USB section and the Root Hubs. Some have a Reset option in the properties listing and if they do you might try hitting that button.

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