Puppy 5.6 printer Win 8.1

Dude...you're making this overly complicated. Yes...just google Ubuntu download...better yet heres the link.....

Download it and save it to where ever, use Rufus http://rufus.akeo.ie/ ...this will create a bootable USB. I prefer the USB over a DVD for the pure speed...USB is faster than a DVD.

Then when you have a bootable USB, restart the computer and at post beep start pressing F12 key. This will bring up the boot menu...it bypass's having to change the boot order in the BIOS, a real nice feature. Then with Ubuntu open and printer on, add printer and follow prompts and print test page. It's that easy.


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Personally if you are talking about keeping up with the latest version I think the easiest way it fo just make a new disk when they introduce one.

I'm not even sure how you would update the existing version on a DVD except to write over it.

Get Ubuntu...


As I've said I've had better luck going with the not the latest version.

I'm using 12.04.

I've always used ImgBurn for this sort of thing and it's always worked.


How to make a Ubuntu flash drive...




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Thank you Mike for your civil reply. The referrals I was given bloated my pc with programs upon download I did not need so I have had to do a system image recovery. I have your notes to refer to, so thanx.

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