Purple collar at the starting screen


Whenever i lock my profile or my laptop is starting on windows 7 ( the ultimate version ). I can see some purple colour at the right bottom of my screen. it only happens when i look towards my screen from above. From any other direction it looks normal. I can't print screen it so i was just wondering if it's normal or something is wrong.
(sorry for bad english)

Thx in advance

Since you can only see this from a certain angle, I'm assuming this is a problem with your actual laptop screen rather than anything else. Please can you confirm you only see this purple when on the lock/start screen and nowhere else?

If you could perhaps take a photo (using a camera, not print screen) that might be helpful.


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Screens have a limited view of angle. That distorts the view when looked upon in various angles, and can cause many effects, mainly ones where the picture cannot be seen at all, but sometimes it can cause other effects.

I agree with junkydude, adding that it's probably nothing serious, if your screen otherwise works normally.

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